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Elijah Family Homes supports self-sufficiency for those seeking recovery through stable-housing and case management services. We administer two programs: Transition to Success (TTS) and the Parent Child Assistance Program (PCAP), serving Benton and Franklin Counties. Both EFH programs are three-year endeavors with the focus of the first year being on basic life skills, while in years two and three the clients are being directed in goal setting, job skills development, and transitional skills for independence. These programs also focus on strengthening parenting skills, health, and personal finance.

To apply for the Transition to Success (TTS) Program you must:

  1. Have dependent children under the age of 18 legally residing with you.
  2.  Not qualify for public housing for reasons other than income.
  3. Have combined household income under 50% Area Median Income.
  4. Must have a history of substance abuse and have been clean and sober for at least 12 months prior to receiving subsidized rent.
  5.  Be actively participating in treatment and/or in a 12 step or comparable recovery program.

As an applicant you must be willing to:

  1. Attend weekly 12-Step or recovery meetings.
  2.  Attend TTS Community Meetings monthly and turn in recovery meeting documentation.
  3.  Submit to random UAs as requested.
  4. Regularly meet with Case Manager.

Elijah Family Homes carefully screens its clients and there are stringent rules to which they must commit.  An application with accompanying documents must be completed first.  Upon review and acceptance of the application, rigorous interviews are conducted for further information gathering.  A decision is made and a client is notified of the outcome.

  • Elijah Family Homes does not provide Emergency or Short-Term Housing needs.
    • Please contact Benton Franklin CAC for more information on those services available in the Tri Cities.


  • For Long-Term Housing with Elijah Family Homes, please refer back to our requirements to see if you qualify.
    • Feel free to call us (509-943-6610) with any questions about those qualifications!

PCAP assists pregnant and parenting mothers struggling with drug and alcohol abuse in obtaining and maintaining substance use treatment. It facilitates recovery programs, assures safe and stable home environments for children and ensures that they receive appropriate, timely health care as well as helps to prevent future alcohol and drug-affected births.

For women residing in Benton or Franklin County please make sure the following apply:

Women who:
• Abuse alcohol/drugs during pregnancy;
• Are pregnant or up to 12 months post-partum;
• Are ineffectively connected to community services

Women who:
• Have a child with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), and
• Are currently abusing alcohol, and
• Are in their childbearing years


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